Classic racing car analysis and optimisation. 

Through the application of modern technology and knowledge to extract the full performance from your classic racing vehicle.

Encompasses development of the following aspects;




-Engine & Drivetrain


-Effective Tyre utilisation

Historic Motorsport

Classic race vehicle Optimisation

Track Side Support

Driver Development

Consideration of your ability to gain lap time from your car.  Bringing your driving style, and the set-up of the car into line, to allow you to reduce lap time and improve race pace, through allowing both yourself and the car to work coherently

Testing and development work,

as well as endurance race strategy to make the most of your time on circuit


Driver Development

Thorough driver development, teaching you the principles of car control and weight transfer management to get the most from both yourself, and the car. Whether you are beginning the pursuit of racing, a seasoned driver who wants to compete with more success, or a junior driver looking to make a professional career from motorsport. We take you through the fundamental physics principles, mental focus techniques, understanding of the circuit, as well as the race craft required to become both faster, and more consistent.

Utilising video footage, data logging systems and our experience in motor racing, we will provide you with the knowledge and support to extract the most from yourself as a driver.


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 Developing cars and people to the  peak of their potential 

Modern Motorsport

Race Engineering

Data Engineering

Data Monitoring

  -Vital systems checking

Race Engineer Aid 

  -Data collection and relay 

Driver Performance Aid

  -Quantified data metric performance analysis

  -Physical and Mental performance evaluation

Set-Up Development

  -Test programme planning and execution

Event Strategy

  -Session planning and personnel management 

Race Strategy

  -Endurance race tactics, tyre and fuel strategy


  -Simulated set-up development

  -Driver in-the-loop performance development

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